About Zinochain

Zinochain Exchange was founded by a group of developers, designers and crypto trading professionals who firmly believe cryptocurrencies will reshape our financial system. We believe in a new system where trust and ownership is distributed to individuals through decentralized technologies rather than left in the hands of regulators and third party intermediaries.

Zinochain will be offering industry-leading crypto asset financial products and services. As a fintech company, Zinochain is focused on helping both traditional and blockchain market participants make the most out of opportunities arising from the growth of cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets.

This shared vision brought our remote team together from different corners of the world. Our goal is to build a better crypto trading platform that makes interacting with exchanges easier and helps crypto enthusiast and traders make better trades.


Cryptocurrencies are building a more open economy from the ground up, replacing legacy finance with distributed technology. We see these new systems offering people better access to financial services and greater control over their assets. Cryptocurrency is restoring power to the people.

Zinochain is building a financial ecosystem for crypto and fiat alike to become the new category leader in the blockchain industry.

Our Mission

Zinochain’s goal is to become one of the world’s first licensed and supervised blockchain ecosystems for professional investors.

Navigating cryptospace can be complicated that is why Zinochain is here to make trading easier. Our exchange BOT integrates the top exchanges into a single platform so traders can access and manage their portfolios seamlessly. We’ve implemented advanced trading features to offer more flexibility beyond the features available on each independent exchange.