What is Zinochain?

Zinochain makes cryptocurrency trading simpler. Our intuitive control center integrates the top exchanges into a single platform so traders can access and manage their portfolios seamlessly. Moreover, we’ve implemented advanced trading BOT to offer automatic trading system even without any trading experience.

Zinochain offers a robust range of trading features. Additional features are regularly being evaluated. Today, traders have access to Limit Trading

  • Market Trading
  • Stop Market
  • Trailing Stop
  • Advanced Buy Signals
  • Coin Conversion
  • The Zinochain platform is designed with both crypto enthusiasts and experienced traders in mind. All levels of traders can take advantage of the intuitive platform design. Experienced traders can benefit further from a variety of advanced trading features.

    Since Zinochain itself is an exchange, it a smart trading software to execute trades on several bitcoin exchange and cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders are required to trade crypto assets amongst each other in other to make profit. It also serve as a platform to hold currencies.

    Zinochain is available in all countries.

    While country by country laws may vary, if you can trade on any of our supported exchanges, you can trade smarter with Zinochain.

    How do I create an account?

    To create a new account, go to the homepage and click Get Started in the center of the page. Enter your user information and confirm your registration. Lastly, you will receive an email confirmation where you need to validate your email address by clicking the hyperlink inside.

    After making a successful deposit you can trade over 6000 trading pairs available on the Zinochain platform. At the topmost bar of the dashbord, type in the desired crypto you wish to trade and all pairs related to your that currency will be displayed immediately. For instance, you can type BTC and all pairs related to BTC will appear.

    Traders can deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrency of your choice. Deposits over $1,000,000 are only allowed by Bank to Bank transfer. Mail bank@zinochain.com. Other Deposit options will be added soon including Credit and Debit Card Deposit.

    The Auto trade BOT starts an auto trade 12hours after an account doesn't perform an active trade. Currently, The BOT can trade 250,000 accounts every 24hrs. The Zinochain Team are working hard to improve the BOT.

    How do I change my personal account information?

    You can change your account information by clicking on account profile Avatar. Here you can make all you changes including password and payout option.

    Yes. Zinochain is compliant with GDPR requirements. Our users’ protection is our top priority. For more information on GDPR go to https://www.eugdpr.org/.

    At Zinochain, your privacy and security are our utmost concerns.

    When you commence trade with Zinochain, data such as balances, orders and transactions are automatically synced and securely stored in our databases. This information is used to provide statistics and charts that you see on the dashboard and across various features of the platform. Keeping your account data in sync is crucial to the functionality and enhancements that bring value to you as a user.

    Any PII (personally identifiable information), is securely encrypted and never shared with 3rd parties. You can read more about what information Zinochain collects, how it’s used, and other disclosures in full in our Privacy Policy.

    Zinochain supports all the mainstream browsers on both desktop and mobile. However for the optimal trading experience, we recommend using Google Chrome on your laptop, desktop, or tablet.

    How do I contact Zinochain support?

    To contact Zinochain support, send us an email at hi@zinochain.com or find us on telegram at https://t.me/zinochain, chat with us live with our 24hrs live support on our website.

    Contact us on support@zinochain.com

    Contact us on listing@zinochain.com